About Me

I have over 14 years of Real Estate experience which includes buying homes, selling homes, flipping homes, lending, marketing homes, project and development.  I work with banks on REO properties.  We have a private subscriber database.

A little about myself; I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from California State University Sacramento in Business Administration.  I'm a Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist with NABPOP.  I have been called to work with Estate Attorneys as an Expert Witness.  I have experience with buying and fixing homes to both buy and hold and buy and flip.  You can find me on my YouTube Channal  


  • Your Home Sold In 45 Days or Less Guarantee or I sell it for FREE.
  • 1 Day Listing Agreement…  I do not believe in contracts, I believe in accountability… If I do not do what I say I will do, you can FIRE ME anytime!
  • List your home on multiple MLS sites
  • Facebook Target Marketing
  • Reduced Commission Plan...  Give me a CALL!!!
  • Massive Photo and live motion video on line property promotion.
  • Your Home Will Be Listed On 3000+ National & Global Websites
  • 24-hour Property Information Number
  • Direct investor marketing through exclusive private subscriber database.
  • We Guarantee CUSTOMER SERVICE and COMMUNICATION with you or I pay you.
  • Mega Open House Events
  • Need a Bigger home or smaller home - Programs Available Saving You Thousands
  • Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialists  with NABPOP (To help you get the most for your home) Only 16 in the Sacramento area
  • And much, much more…. 


  • I Purchase Your 1 Year Home Warranty for You.
  • I Have a Lock Smith Change All the Locks for You at Close of Escrow.
  • VIP Program – You buy your home through us, when you’re ready to sell we will sell it for the bare minimum saving you thousands.  
  • Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialists with NABPOP (To make sure you don’t pay too much for your home) Only 16 of us in the Sacramento area.
  • You Get an Excellent Negotiator Which Could Save You Thousands on Your Home Purchase. 
    • (We will discuss strategy with you when you’re ready to purchase)
  • I Guarantee CUSTOMER SERVICE and COMMUNICATION with you or I pay you.
  • I Work for you!
  • And much, much more…

Marketing and Specialty REO Services also include:

  • Occupancy: GUARANTEED 24-hour occupancy checks and weekly reporting.
  • BPO (for both REO and 3rd Party Providers): GUARANTEED 48-hour or less turn around for both drive by and full interior Broker Price Opinions. All BPOs are performed by our experienced pricing specialists to provide you with fast and accurate “Bulls-Eye” pricing of REO properties.

Have a wonderful day and week too! 



“Restrictions apply not all homeowners will qualify”  “Please call for details on all my programs”